Master Baker Thomas Ruder

Creating Edible Works of Art

specialty-breads-thomas-ruderThomas Ruder, certified Master Baker since 1991, specializing in artisan breads, specialty baked goods and other well-known Bakery and Pastry products. Thomas’ commitment to improving his skills and of those around him not only has raised the level of product quality, it also helped Thomas develop a well-respected reputation of freelance Bakery Advisor which goes beyond kitchen knowledge and skills.

Reaching New Markets

Thomas assists local bakers as well as confectioners in bringing new products to market, set up standards for new or existing bakery, effectively train staff to carry out necessary tasks, offer staff training in people management, teach how to obtain maximum kitchen productivity, hold special seminars, provide pertinent information pertaining to Bakery Operation, and more.

Experience at a Glance

  • Bakers count themselves fortunate to work with Thomas Ruder. Thomas’ experience includes:
  • Train and motivate staff
  • Set goals of achieving and maintaining high standards
  • Assist with new bakery opening, development of new recipes and ideas
  • Redevelopment of assortments of goods
  • Training of the baking and sales team
  • Recruitment and hiring of staff
  • Professional development of the employees
  • Plan and introduction of bakery equipment
  • Purchase of goods and equipment

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